• Investment banking briefing: economic outlook & talent market in focus

    24 days ago

    ​Looking into the future of investment banking, what are the talent trends shaping the global financial arena?Despite a backdrop of post-pandemic volatility and economic uncertainty in 2021, the global investment banking sector is poised on a slow but steady growth trajectory, forecasted to slowdown to 3.8% by 2023. While many uncertainties remain, the overall economic outlo...

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  • Hiring strategies in an ever-changing investment banking landscape

    about 1 month ago

    ​The investment banking sector has never been more competitive. From digital disruptions, new fintech incumbents, to rising inflationary pressures, these are some of the driving factors creating many challenges – as well as opportunities – for firms.However, to embrace new realities and reap the rewards, organizations will need an agile talent strategy. That’s why understand...

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  • The risk management landscape: industry & hiring trends

    about 1 month ago

    The complexity of today’s business landscape, from a global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, cyber attacks, to name but a few, are some of the main contributors to organizational risk exposure. But, with great complexity opportunities abound; and they are certainly exuberant for risk management professionals who are in higher demand than ever before. Our specialist risk m...

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  • The Investment Banking Briefing

    3 months ago

    Investment bankers are always highly sought after, and there is no doubt the jobs market is going from strength to strength.Many professionals are curious about whether their salaries and bonuses match their peers, which is why we have produced the Investment Banking briefing.Download ReportDiscover our latest salary & bonus guidance in the report, which also includes ex...

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  • What does the future of life insurance look like?

    3 months ago

    As one of the top actuarial talent providers, Nicole Mahoney, VP Head of Life & Annuity Actuarial Recruitment has never seen the market this busy, and anticipates it only getting hotter. There are more jobs than physical actuaries to fill those gaps, so it is crucial that companies understand the key trends taking place, and how they can adapt and embrace to these chall...

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  • 5 Reasons Why Counter-Offers are a Waste of Time and Money

    5 months ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    ​Skilled employees with quality insights are essential to the banking and financial services sector, and in a busy job market, it is likely for employers to want to keep their best-performing talent when they hand in their resignation.Though this seems like a solution to retaining valuable staff, a counter-offer more often than not is ultimately a waste of time and money, as...

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    5 Reasons Why Counter Offers Are A Waste Of Time And Money
  • The Benefits of Using a Specialist Recruiter to Find Talent

    6 months ago

    ​Sourcing the right talent at the right time can prove strenuous for any company. But the process becomes even more challenging when you work within a niche industry or sector. In these situations, a specialist recruiter can help find the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill role.There are several benefits a specialist recruiter can offer when looking to find niche talent:De...

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    The Benefits Of Using A Specialist Recruiter To Find Talent
  • How to Help a New Employee Relocate

    12 months ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    ​Relocating for a job, whether to a new city or a new country, is a move which is fraught with risk for both the employer and the employee. This move can be made far easier with the offer of a relocation package which provides generous financial support and practical advice for a new employee who needs to move to a new location.The global banking and financial sector often h...

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    How To Help A New Employee Relocate
  • The Key to Writing a Great EVP

    about 1 year ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    ​Roles in the finance industry are expected to grow by ten percent by 2026. The sector is also quickly evolving, with online only banks and increased hiring in cybersecurity. This means the sector needs a crossover from other talent pools such as tech.Solutions to recruitment struggles can be found in developing an attractive employer brand. This is built around an EVP, or E...

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    The Key To Writing A Great Evp
  • How To Avoid Bias In Job Descriptions

    about 1 year ago

    There is overwhelming evidence that companies with diverse workforces perform better on every possible metric, with diversity positively impacting every level of a business, from the cleaning staff to the board of directors. Bringing in as many perspectives, working styles and experience as possible to a workplace leads to integration, success and growth to those businesses ...

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  • Investment Management Hiring Landscape: 2020

    over 1 year ago

    2020 has been a historically volatile and uncertain year, punctuated by the global pandemic, social unrest, and an unprecedentedly disruptive US election cycle. Unsurprisingly, investors in risk assets have retreated in a meaningful way to the sidelines. Multiple alternative asset classes had a roller coaster of asset flows throughout the year. Despite this generally negativ...

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  • Five Hiring Strategies Funds Should Use to Lure Quant Talent

    almost 2 years ago

    ​Quantitative analysts (or quants) have quickly become some of the most vital workers in the financial sector. Using a sound understanding of elaborate mathematical models, quant analysts are able to price securities using algorithms built to minimize risks and maximize profits on investments. These algorithms, built using Big Data and pattern analysis, have transformed inve...

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    Lure Quants Talent
  • Why Flexible Working is No Longer a Benefit

    almost 2 years ago

    ​​Flexible working has been a growing trend for many years; with the outbreak of COVID-19, this trend has reached its tipping point.  For many employers, flexible working arrangements have been the only way to handle the unprecedented challenges the pandemic brought about; with 78% of workers now saying they want increased flexibility in their work moving forward, it will be...

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  • How to Attract the World's Best Fintech Talent

    almost 2 years ago

    ​Technology and finance have always gone hand-in-hand, and the sector is no stranger to huge technological disruption. Money is virtual, cash has transformed into cards and the internet has created a fluid economy. However, in the past decade, technological development has hit lightning speed, and the newly emerged fintech sector has an enviable talent pool of those with bot...

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  • Ready to Reopen? Help Employees Back to the Office with these Six Steps

    almost 2 years ago

    ​As countries reopen their borders, many businesses are following suit and reopening their doors. Globally, some of the financial sector’s biggest employers, including banks and fintech firms, are transitioning their employees back to the office. While many are rushing to book in last-minute holidays, how can you safely return banking and financial services employees who mis...

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    Sj   Ready To Reopen
  • How to Stop a Talent Migration Post-Pandemic

    almost 2 years ago

    ​Nobody yet knows what the legacy of COVID-19 will be; HR and recruitment experts are increasingly concerned businesses which do survive this period will face a further crisis in the shape of talent acquisition and retention in ‘the new normal’.Anxiety about the workforce is not new: PWC's latest Annual Global CEO Survey found that 80% of CEOs are either extremely or somewha...

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  • Working From Home is the Key to Diversity

    almost 2 years ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    While the concept of telecommuting has been around since the 1970s, it has taken a global pandemic for the idea to achieve widespread adoption.  Historically, working from home was largely the reserve of a relatively privileged class of ‘knowledge workers’; now, as much as 74% of the banking and financial services workforce reports wanting to embrace the model according to a...

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  • Turn of the Tide: How to Hire in a Candidate-Flooded Market

    about 2 years ago by

    ​Hiring managers, you have endured the length and breadth of the talent shortage. For years, every job post has been met with a trickle of responses, so much so that you have waited nervously to see if the source finally dries up. You have revised, rethought, and remade every aspect of your talent acquisition process, several times over, in an attempt to drive up interest.Th...

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  • Building Resilience: Covid-19 and Financial Services Recruitment

    about 2 years ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    The continued Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in the largest working-from-home population in human history alongside a period of great economic uncertainty. As markets rattle, no financial sector will be left untouched. What will the new 'business as usual' look like, if such a thing is even possible? You have likely encountered countless memos and articles that aim to answer ...

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  • From High Rise to Home Office: How to Virtually Onboard New Talent

    over 2 years ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    Hiring managers, you put a lot of time and effort into securing a business-critical hire for your financial services organization. Amid current uncertainty in the US, you have decided to onboard a new employee remotely rather than risk them finding another role with a competitor. How can you ensure they have a positive experience of your company and help them transition back...

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    Selby Jennings How To Virtually Onboard New Talent Blogimage