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China has opened up to a multitude of investments and opportunities, presenting an exciting prospect for businesses looking to expand into this thriving market. However, when it comes to sourcing talent within China, the unavailability of LinkedIn for searching on China-based professionals can pose a challenge.

Selby Jennings has a dedicated team based in Shanghai that specializes in hiring for investment management, quant, and tech market talent within the financial services industry. We understand the unique dynamics of international firms establishing offices in China and can assist you in finding the best-fit talent who possess the expertise to help your business flourish in the local market while seamlessly integrating into the international culture.

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We would like to share our extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the Chinese talent landscape, helping you overcome any hiring hurdles you may encounter. Our aim is to provide tailored solutions that align with your specific business objectives.

Let Selby Jennings be your trusted partner in securing top talent for your China operations. Reach out to us today to start exploring the possibilities and capitalize on the vast opportunities that China has to offer.

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