Global Job Confidence Index 2020

In this critical time, understanding how the workforce thinks and feels is essential. At Selby Jennings, we are able to gauge the hopes and fears of the financial services workforce around the world, and share that vital information with you. This information gives you the power to attract, motivate and retain talent in a time of crisis.

The inaugural Selby Jennings Job Confidence Index aims to measure confidence in the financial services labor market. The index reports on financial services professionals’ confidence in the economy, holding or getting a job, their compensation and bonus, and whether the usual push-and-pull factors have changed.

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  • Key Findings

Half (49%) of financial services professionals are negative or very negative about the current job market. Similarly, half (47%) do not believe the job market will improve over the next 12 months.

Job security remains stable, with over half (57%) of global financial services professionals feeling confident about keeping their jobs over the next six months.

Half (49%)of financial services professionals are satisfied with their current job. Despite a negative perception of the job market, one third (33%) are planning to leave their job within six months. In the US, three quarters (75%) are willing to relocate for work.

2 in 5 (40%) financial services professionals say their compensation is likely or highly likely to increase. However, the majority (70%) say that career progression opportunities, not compensation, would persuade them to seek new employment.