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The Future of Financial Services in China - 2024

Posted on March 2024

The Future of Financial Services in China - 2024

​In 2023, mainland China's return to the global stage post-pandemic ushered in a period of rapid transformation, which is where we are now. Despite facing deflationary pressures and a looming property crisis, the country's economy is growing, exerting significant influence over financial landscapes across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the US. As the demand for skilled financial services professionals surges, strategic hiring becomes paramount, which is where Selby Jennings comes in.

Whether you're a seasoned financial professional navigating the intricate Chinese markets or a hiring manager seeking top-tier talent, our report offers indispensable insights to guide your strategic decisions.

Key Highlights include

  • Business Environment: Explore the opportunities and challenges within Mainland China's evolving business landscape, from economic recovery to the digital revolution.

  • Consumer Demand: Delve into the exponential growth of China's consumer market and its implications for businesses worldwide.

  • Evolving Regulations: Navigate the regulatory landscape in Mainland China and understand its impact on financial institutions and professionals.

  • Competition for Talent: Understand the intense competition for top financial professionals and strategies to attract and retain them.

  • Salary Insights: Stay informed about compensation trends and professionals' expectations.

The Future of Financial Services in China - 2024

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