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Market Report: A New Chapter for Financial Services

Posted on February 2022

Map of Europe

How is the hiring landscape measuring up within the European financial space?

Financial institutions have been gripped by a variety of challenges, as well as opportunities, such as post-Brexit clarity, market stability, rapid economic recovery across numerous verticals, and technology unequivocally changing ways to interact and transact. All could affect the future of financial service talent, and what remained a financial imperative last year might not be the mainstay of tomorrow.

Discover our projections for talent acquisition and management, featuring interesting thought leadership on this year’s economic outlook and the concurrent hiring trends within this space. 

About the Report

Download our report to discover what trends are forecasted to change this year, covering insights on the following areas:

  • Investment Banking 

  • Quant 

  • Financial Technology 

  • Fintech Sales 

  • Sales & Trading 

  • Investment Management  

  • Risk Management 

  • Wealth Management  

  • Audit    

  • Flexibility, ED&I, and ESG in finance  

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