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Selby Jennings Partners with The Trading Show Chicago

Posted on September 2021

Selby Jennings Partners with The Trading Show Chicago

Selby Jennings is partnering with The Trading Show Chicago for its 2021 exhibition. Held annually in Chicago, IL, this event brings together leaders from areas spanning across trading firms, algo trading, HPC, data, AI, and digital assets, where the industry’s leading firms showcase innovation and conduct business with premier institutional trading firms.

The event, taking place October 5th-6th, marks the first in-person gathering for the organization since the beginning of the pandemic. Ben Hodzic, Selby Jennings Executive Director, believes that this presents a unique opportunity to attendees.

"This year has brought challenges to recruiting that many of our clients have never experienced before. Our birds-eye view of the hiring landscape and need for exceptional talent has been an incredible resource to our clients as they navigate hiring in a candidate-driven market," said Hodzic. " We are very excited to take part in the Trading Show Chicago and meet with some of the industry's brightest minds to discuss unique approaches to recruiting that are required in a market like the one we are in today if you are going to secure the best and brightest talent out there."

Jeff Koehler, Selby Jennings Director, will be leading a round table discussion at the event. Titled "Recruiting Strategies – How to Secure the Best Talent in a Competitive Market," the round table will be held on October 6th at 2:00 pm. Find the full agenda here.

Want to book time with our team at the conference? Let us know your availability by filling out the form below.