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Private Equity: The Aftermath

Over the last several months, we have maintained dialogues with our partners, helping them through their active recruitment twists and turns, and paying close attention to their future needs and wants. No two client’s stories are the same, and it certainly has been a challenging time. Yet, while COVID-19 has introduced unprecedented shocks to our community, it also presents new opportunity for what people work on and how they work. Most importantly, the role of talent and organizational values in a post-COVID-19 world will be more important than ever. In times like these we aim to show our value, and remain excited to collaborate with our partners as we all navigate this crisis and prepare for the future.

We have created a report detailing updates from across the Private Equity landscape, and the trends in the market as we look ahead. The report includes:

  • Overview of the current state of private equity

  • The demand for private equity talent

  • The supply of private equity talent

  • Recruitment during Covid-19

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