Outlook on Job Market & Job Security

Our recent Job Confidence Index explored the sentiments of nearly 400 financial services professionals across the US. In terms of outlook on the job market, the results were not surprising given the impact of Covid-19, with a majority of professionals expressing a lack of confidence in the job market. However, this negative outlook was contrasted by an unexpected optimism about their job securitymore than half of these professionals reported that they expect to stay in their current position for the next 6 months.

The Job Confidence Index takes a deep dive into the minds of financial services professionals, sharing detailed findings on market confidence and job security, as well as further insights on professional motivations, relocation, compensation and more.

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  • Job Confidence Index 2020 Covers:

• Economic Outlook

Outlook on Job Market & Job Security

• Compensation and bonuses

• Job Satisfaction

• Motivational Factors

• Willingness to Relocate