John Redman Bovell Barbados Dollar

John Redman Bovell (1855-1928)

“His achievements were of a kind not before known in Barbados… Bovell devoted his working life to saving an industry.” 

Released in 2013, the Barbados $2 banknote features John Redman Bovell. Alongside his portrait, the banknote features the Morgan Lewis Windmill that was built in 1727 to grind sugar cane for sugar production and, in its prime, could deliver up to 1,500 gallons of cane juice daily.

Credited with saving the sugar industry in Barbados, John Redman Bovell was a scientist and agronomist. In the 1980s, the industry was being threatened by competition from European countries who were manufacturing and exporting sugar beet, as well as drought conditions and disease that were affecting the sugar cane crop in the West Indies. To combat the threat, Bovell funded and conducted experiments on different varieties of cane and established that the White Transparent variety fared far better than the more commonly used Bourbon variety. In 1908, Bovell was awarded the Imperial Service Star for his contribution to tropical agriculture.