Henrique Teixeira de Sousa Note

Henrique Teixeira de Sousa (1919-2006)

"The doctor is very jealous of the writer."

Henrique Teixeira de Sousa was a doctor and author from Cape Verde. His portrait features on a 200 Capverdean escudo bill. His face is featured on two sides. It features most of his native island's map, a grape is on the top of the map. On the back is Chã das Caldeiras and Pico do Fogo, the two features of his native island.

Teixera de Sousa graduated in 1945 in Lisbon with a degree in Medicine, as well as studying at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Porto, before settling on his native island of Fogo to play an important role in maintaining public health structures. He emigrated to Portgual shortly before the archipelago achieved independence, where he remained for the rest of his days.

Teixeira de Sousa was also a prolific novelist and was a pupil of Baltasar Lopes da Silva; perhaps Cape Verde’s most famous literary icon, who wrote both in Portuguese and in Creole, and published Chiquinho, generally considered the greatest novel from the archipelago. Teixeira de Sousa was also a prominent member of the Claridoso movement, closely associated with the Claridade (‘Light’) magazine, that influenced the cultural, social and political emancipations of the Cape Verdean society.