Job Satisfaction: Does it Correlate with Intention to Leave?

Our recent study, the Job Confidence Index Report 2021, found that opinions on job satisfaction and intention to leave a job are surprisingly similar. Among approximately 800 North American respondents, nearly 50% are satisfied or highly satisfied with their current role, compared to the 28% who are unsatisfied. The positive outlook, however, doesn't necessarily mean that employees are committed to remaining in the position. In fact, 55% of respondents indicated that they are open to new opportunities that arise in the next 6 months.

​“80% of the professionals we speak to are open to taking a call about recruitment even if they are not serious about actively looking for a new role. More and more candidates are interested in hearing what opportunities are out there.

- Kareem Bakr, Managing Director - Head of Selby Jennings New York

This annual report takes a deep dive into the minds of financial services professionals, sharing detailed findings on job satisfaction, as well as further insights on job security, compensation, relocation, and more.

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