How Changes to Work Will Affect the Wider World

The choices leaders make today will have wide-reaching consequences for years to come. While a renewed emphasis on work-life balance may have profound effects on the wellbeing and productivity of the workforce, it will also inevitably reshape so much else – not just the personal lives of the workers, but the companies they work at, the cities they work in, and the next generation of workers they are models for. 

Many of these are emergent phenomena – they are the product of complex interactions between multiple variables, rather than clearly definable or predictable outcomes. This means they cannot be consciously controlled, but must instead be carefully considered with the hopes of influencing them in the right direction.

Our newest whitepaper “The Work-Life Rebalance”, takes a deep dive into the topic of work-life balance. After covering the historical perspective and approaches to restore a balance in the first chapters, chapter 3 is considering the three most important factors that will have a long-lasting effect on the wider world:

  1. Company Culture

  2. Rethinking the City

  3. Hiring, Firing, Applying

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  • ​​The Full Report Covers:

  • Chapter 1: A Historical Perspective on Work-Life Balance

  • Chapter 2: How Work-Life Balance Could Be Restored

  • Chapter 3: How Changes to Work Will Affect the Wider World

  • Chapter 4: Three Models of ‘Work-Life Balance’ for the New Normal