Higher Salary Tops Career Progression for Financial Services Professionals

Our recent Global Job Confidence Index 2021 explored the sentiments of 1,600 financial services professionals globally with nearly 800 of those professionals coming from North America. Findings from our survey showed that financial services professionals are more motivated by a higher salary rather than career progression when deciding on a new career opportunity. This was revealed with 69% of financial services professionals in North America selecting this as a key priority, while professionals in Europe and APAC expressed career progression as their top motivator.

"Firms must offer competitive compensation to secure talent in this current inflated landscape. They can consider creative compensation strategies as well like deferred compensation or cash bonuses, among other approaches to make their offers stand out to prospective candidates."

- Kareem Bakr, Managing Director – Head of Selby Jennings New York

This annual report takes a deep dive into the minds of financial services professionals, sharing detailed findings on top career motivations, as well as further insights on job security, compensation, relocation, and more.

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