Financial Services Professionals Expect More Money

Our recent Global Job Confidence Index 2021 explored the sentiments of 1,600 financial services professionals globally with nearly 800 of those professionals coming from North America. Key findings revealed that bonus confidence is running high in North America with 57% of respondents expecting either the same or an increased bonus this year, up from 41.5% last year. This confidence is felt in terms of compensation as well, with 57% expecting to receive a compensation increase in the next 12 months.

"​With 48% of respondents either receiving less than they were expecting or nothing at all last year they are much more motivated to seek new opportunities with better compensation packages to make up some of their lost earnings during the pandemic."

- Jack Trudeau, Managing Director and Head of Global Partnerships at Phaidon International (parent company of Selby Jennings)

This annual report takes a deep dive into the minds of financial services professionals, sharing detailed findings on compensation, as well as further insights on job satisfaction, relocation, flexible working, and more.

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