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Investment Management Hiring Landscape: 2020

Posted on December 2020 By Victoria McGill

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2020 has been a historically volatile and uncertain year, punctuated by the global pandemic, social unrest, and an unprecedentedly disruptive US election cycle. Unsurprisingly, investors in risk assets have retreated in a meaningful way to the sidelines. Multiple alternative asset classes had a roller coaster of asset flows throughout the year. Despite this generally negative environment, many of our clients have been able to successfully raise new funds and appear to be firmly in a growth mindset across multiple strategies.

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Building off our earlier updates this year, hiring markets are certainly active at the moment. We are pleased to share some of our key observations across the sectors we cover and remain excited about working with our partners for all talent-related objectives. This market update provides insight on:

  • Hedge Fund Observations

  • Private Equity and Debt Observations

  • Fundraising

  • Hiring Advice for 2021

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