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How to Feel Happy on Blue Monday

Posted on January 2020

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With colder temperatures across many parts of the US, and the festivities of the holiday season fading away, January can be a difficult time to stay motivated at work. These factors lead to what is officially called Blue Monday, or the most depressing day of the year.

In many financial services hubs in the US, such as New York, Chicago, and Boston, freezing temperatures keep people in their offices and often limits the much-needed fresh air. However, many studies show that exercise improves your mental and physical wellbeing. It can help reduce the effects of stress and can build emotional resilience to stress.

Tips to improve your mood on Blue Monday

One tip to beat Blue Monday is to get moving and stay active. If the weather is bad, try taking the stairs, or grab a quick coffee from a café near your office. Even small amounts of exercise like this can keep your brain function up and increase blood flow, improving overall mental health and cognition.

Small things like this can keep you motivated and in a positive mood throughout your work day. Complete the form below to download our guide and learn more helpful tips like these to beat Blue Monday.