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AI in Recruitment

Posted on January 2020

IR in Recruitment

In 2008, so-called ‘robo-advisers’ launched to the general public to enable clients to manage their assets personally in the midst of the global financial crisis. Online investment company, Betterment, launched in the same year and popularized this innovative use of artificial intelligence. Ten years on, and the financial industry is just beginning to consider the full potential of AI.

AI recruitment is a booming market

Artificial intelligence will grow from a $643.7 million to $36.8 billion market by 2025; initiating the next disruptive era in the history of IT. From conversations with hundreds of our clients and candidates, who are early adopters of this technology for hiring, we believe that AI and automation holds mass potential for improving recruitment processes.

This trend towards leveraging AI for recruitment is supported by recent evidence from Deloitte. Their recent report stated that 33% of respondents already use some form of AI as part of their hiring process. In a survey by REC, 36% of respondents believe that AI will lead to the greatest change in their organization’s hiring procedures over the next five to seven years. From predictive analytics and social listening to even using smart video tools, AI can make an impact at each stage of the hiring process.

Should you use AI to recruit top financial talent?

In this report, we will explore how AI is currently being applied in the recruitment journey, from sourcing and screening candidates all the way through to hiring. This report includes how applying artificial intelligence to the recruitment process can:

•Increase diverse and qualified applications for jobs

•Reduce recruitment costs and time to hire

•Accurately assess and predict candidate performance

Complete the from below to download our guide and learn more about how AI can impact each stage of the hiring process.