Banks Plan Increase in Employee Pay and Bonuses Despite the Pandemic

Our recent Job Confidence Index explored the sentiments of nearly 400 financial services professionals across the U.S. One finding concluded that U.S financial services professionals are most likely to receive compensation increases, compared to their global counterparts. Half of U.S. professionals are also still receiving bonuses, with the levels of compensation varying according to sector.

​"Smart companies are maintaining wage increases to keep their top performing employees happy, regardless of the pandemic and how the company is performing at the moment. Once things start to open up again, the companies that kept hold of the best talent will be quickest to take market share."

- Jack Trudeau, Executive Director, Preferred Partnership Program, North America

The Job Confidence Index takes a deep dive into the minds of financial services professionals, sharing detailed findings on compensation and bonuses, as well as further insights on their market confidencejob security, professional motivations, relocation and more.

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  • Job Confidence Index 2020 Covers:

• Economic Outlook

Outlook on Job Market & Job Security

• Compensation and bonuses

• Job Satisfaction

• Motivational Factors

• Willingness to Relocate