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Working From Home is the Key to Diversity

While the concept of telecommuting has been around since the 1970s, it has taken a global pandemic for the idea to achieve widespread adoption.  

Historically, working from home was largely the reserve of a relatively privileged class of ‘knowledge workers’; now, as much as 74% of the banking and financial services workforce reports wanting to embrace the model according to a recent poll by our parent company, Phaidon International.

As this increased awareness reaches its tipping point, banks and financial services firms must embrace the new normal of work openly and enthusiastically; nearly half of workers report finding raising personal issues with their employer uncomfortable and a fifth are convinced they would be refused outright if they tried to negotiate a more flexible working arrangement.

By championing the cause, banks and financial services firms are poised to make even greater gains than they realize. Download our complimentary guide to discover how working from home can improve the participation of female, disabled, and contingent workers.

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