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The Green Revolution's Impact on Finance and Talent Acquisition

Posted on August 2023

Green Revolution

The energy sector has been experiencing paradigm shifts in recent years, driven in large part by sustainable and renewable energy trends, which have influenced the financial sciences and services industry.

Jasmine Warner, Associate Vice President at Selby Jennings, shares her expert insights on the latest movements in energy that are reshaping both businesses and the talent pool in financial sciences and services.

The Rise of Green Energy

"Green energy has taken great steps forward in recent years, which has had a considerable impact on businesses large and small alike," Jasmine reflects. Indeed, the footprint of green energy is ever-expanding. With PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) and CPPAs (Corporate Power Purchase Agreement) leading the charge, the embrace of green energy isn't just a trend but a revolution.

Jasmine observes, "Green energy is one of the fastest-growing products at the moment with more and more companies getting involved - utilities are growing their teams fast on structuring, pricing and originating. Large corporations aren't far behind, with many investment management companies diversifying their revenue streams and tapping into the green energy reservoir by setting up in-house teams."

At Selby Jennings, we recognize the complexities and nuances of the Sales and Trading sector. We're dedicated to providing our Sales and Trading clients with tailored recruitment solutions, industry insights, and unparalleled support to navigate this dynamic landscape. By aligning our expertise with the unique needs of each client, we ensure that they are positioned to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in green energy and beyond.

Hydrogen: The Future's Energy Beacon

However, green energy isn't the only game-changer. Hydrogen is emerging as a promising protagonist in the energy narrative. Jasmine notes, "Opportunities with hydrogen are close on the horizon, especially now as there is talk of it being one of the only net zero energy sources and moving towards being a traded product by 2030." But this promising future isn't without its hurdles. Substantial technological advancements remain a requisite for hydrogen to realize its potential fully.

Talent Demand Outpaces Supply

As these trends unfold, there's an underlying challenge – a lack of qualified talent. As Jasmine points out, "This sudden increase in these areas will cause a significant mismatch in the supply and demand of talent." This isn't an unfamiliar scenario. As demand spikes, especially in niche sectors like green energy and hydrogen, talent becomes a prized asset. Consequently, "salaries soar, as talent with the specific knowledge and skills will become more limited." Jasmine likens this to trends seen in the carbon markets.

Jasmine Warner: Marketing Specialist

In the dynamically evolving energy landscape, financial businesses must stay ahead of the curve, not only in terms of technology but also in securing the right talent. Recognizing these demands and providing expert solutions is essential.

If you're a business grappling with these challenges and seeking the right talent, don't leave things to chance. Request a call back from one of our expert consultants at Selby Jennings. Let's navigate the future together.