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Recruiting C++ Quant Developers: The Importance of Finding the Right People

Posted on June 2023

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Quant careers contribute significantly to the financial services industry by providing substantial tech, programming, and mathematical knowledge, support, and solutions.

As the digital world demands investment banks, asset management firms, hedge funds, and other financial services firms to keep up with modern tech, the demand for mathematical minds, quant teams, and developers is also on the rise.

Quant developers are at the forefront of your company’s data, securities, profit, and risk. For this reason, financial services must understand the importance of identifying the right individuals to maximize opportunity and how crucial it is for businesses to retain top talent.

This article will highlight the importance of hiring the right C++ quant developer for your business and how to access the right people for the job.

Reaching the Right People

Traditionally, your company's values and reputation would attract talent to your business, but to find and hire top industry developers and to keep ahead of your competitors, having an active presence within the developer community is key.

You can reach C++ quant developers in person and online. Whichever way you choose to recruit and approach potential hires, one thing is for certain: you must attract their attention.

In-person recruitment strategies allow your business to make direct contacts and relationships within the developer circle. Hosting developer dinners, attending developer events, and giving talks at programming conferences are all effective ways of creating genuine relationships with developers, building a reputation for your business, and raising brand awareness.

On the other hand, online recruitment is scalable and an ideal way to attract top developers within the industry. In addition to detailed job advertisements and a social media presence, allowing your technical teams to share their programming projects and problem solutions online will get the attention of developers working on similar tasks and experiencing similar issues. This builds developer awareness of your business and will attract a number of C++ quant developers to your company website.

Using these in-person and online recruitment techniques allows you to find and reach out to the right people, but you are still left to secure their talent for your business. To ensure great developers want to work for your company, you must also consider market rates, workplace culture, and employee benefits, among other factors.

By working with a specialist talent partner like Selby Jennings, you can utilize our team's industry knowledge and global network of highly-skilled professionals to keep you informed when suitable C++ quant developers are looking for new opportunities, and help you through the hiring process.

Testing Prospective Candidates

It is important to remember that not every great C++ quant developer will be suited to your business culture, company values, and technology needs. For this reason, when you design your hiring process plan, you must test prospective candidates to analyze their performance.

Practical assessments that reflect the nature of the vacancy can help your company to determine whether a potential candidate has the required skillset and knowledge to fulfil the role. They also help the candidate decide whether they would enjoy the job and work for your business.

Additionally, setting tasks for candidates during the recruitment process will determine their level of performance under pressure and whether they are suited to your business environment.

Ask Developers In-depth Questions

One way to understand a developer’s programming experience and knowledge is by asking in-depth questions that require a detailed response. Asking about previous projects, why they made certain decisions, what they enjoyed about the project, and what they disliked about it will provide a deeper insight into the candidate's expertise and personality.

This is an effective recruitment technique that allows your business to find out the level of knowledge and experience that a candidate possesses to determine whether they are suitable for the open vacancy role.

Instead of Coding Puzzles, Give Candidates a Take-Home Project

Testing developers and finding the perfect fit for your business is a difficult task and it is never guaranteed. However, there are many ways you can help to assist the process.

Coding puzzles are seen as a poor reflection of a C++ quant developer's ability on the job. Problem-solving equations and mental arithmetic are unlikely to be a significant part of the job and therefore, not what you want to focus on during the hiring process.

To overcome this, consider providing candidates with take-home projects that remove the pressure of an interview situation and show more accurately how they would perform day-to-day.

Take-home projects can include creating an application, developing software, or a task similar to what they would be working on if they were to be successful.

Making the Best Hires

New C++ quant developer hires to your company must understand your current business challenges and how they can be improved. The best hires are innovative individuals with a growth mindset ready to push for change and development.

When you hire the right candidate, developers play a powerful part in scaling and growing your business. This is when you reap the reward of taking the time to find the right people.

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