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The C++ Developer Shortage: Strategies for Recruiting C++ Developers Amid the Talent Drought

Posted on June 2023

C++ Shortage

There has been an increasing concern in recent years about the apparent shrinking pool of C++ developers. Despite the language's ubiquity and importance in high-performance computing and embedded systems, there seems to be a growing shortage of proficient C++ programmers. The question now becomes, why is the talent pool drying up, and what can be done to ensure a steady supply of expertise in this vital field?

The State of C++

C++ has had a formidable reputation since its inception in the early 1980s. As an extension of the C programming language, C++ added the Object-Oriented Programming paradigm that has revolutionized software development and provided a foundation for many other languages like Java and C#.

C++ has proven to be powerful, efficient, and flexible, widely used in systems software, real-time systems, and other applications where performance is paramount. However, this power and flexibility also come with complexity, which has been a barrier for some developers.

Why is the Pool Shrinking?

  1. Rising Complexity: Over the years, the language has grown more complex, with new features added for more functionality and better performance. However, these additions have also increased the learning curve for new developers. This complexity can be daunting for beginners, leading to a preference for simpler, easier-to-learn languages such as Python or JavaScript.

  2. The Shift Toward High-Level Languages: The software development industry has seen a gradual shift toward high-level languages, which offer simpler syntax and safer abstractions than lower-level languages. This shift is particularly evident in the world of web and mobile app development, where languages such as JavaScript, Python, and Swift dominate.

  3. Lack of Formal Education: The complexity of C++ means that it requires a deep understanding to use it effectively. This knowledge is often best gained through formal education, which is becoming less common as bootcamps and self-teaching resources focus on languages with immediate web development applications.

  4. The Allure of New Technologies: The popularity of emerging tech fields like AI, machine learning, and data science, where languages like Python and R are more commonly used, has also played a role in the dwindling interest in C++.

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What Can Be Done?

  1. Promote C++ Education: Educational institutions and coding bootcamps need to emphasize the importance of C++. They should stress that understanding C++ can provide a deeper understanding of how computers work, leading to better coding skills overall.

  2. Improve C++ Onboarding: The C++ community could work on making the language more accessible. Efforts could be made to simplify the syntax and improve the standard library, making it more consistent and user-friendly.

  3. Showcase C++ Applications: Emphasize the exciting fields where C++ shines, such as embedded systems and high-frequency trading. Highlighting these opportunities can help attract new talent to the language.

  4. Mentorship Programs: Experienced developers could mentor newcomers, helping them navigate the complexity of the language and demonstrating how to write clean, efficient C++ code.

The C++ developer shortage presents a substantial challenge in today's tech landscape. However, the language's value in various computing arenas remains unchanged. Reinvigorating the community calls for a strategic approach from educational institutions and the C++ community itself. Through education enhancement, language accessibility, showcasing exciting applications, and mentorship programs, we can stimulate a new wave of developers ready to dive into C++ development, thus meeting the demands of the job market and making the process of hiring C++ developers less daunting.

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