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Crafting the Perfect Rejection Email After an Interview: A Guide to Effective Communication

Posted on January 2023

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The hiring process can be a rollercoaster ride, both for the candidates and the recruiters. While selecting the right candidate is undoubtedly rewarding, delivering the unfortunate news to those who didn't make the cut is a crucial yet challenging task. A well-crafted rejection email not only upholds your company's reputation but also provides closure and a positive experience for the candidates. At Selby Jennings, we have explored the key elements of the best rejection email after an interview and how it can leave a lasting impression.

Personalization and Appreciation

  1. The foundation of an effective rejection email is personalization. Begin by addressing the candidate by their name and express your genuine appreciation for their time, effort, and interest in the position. Acknowledge the candidate's accomplishments and strengths observed during the interview to reaffirm their value as a professional.


"Dear [Candidate's Name],

Thank you for taking the time to meet with our team and sharing your insights during the interview process. We appreciate your genuine interest in the [Job Title] position and the enthusiasm you brought to the table."

Clear and Concise Feedback

  1. While candidates may not always expect feedback, providing constructive criticism can be immensely valuable for their professional growth. Clearly and succinctly communicate the reasons for not moving forward with their application. Focus on specific aspects that played a significant role in the decision-making process, such as skills, experience, cultural fit, or other qualifications.


"After careful consideration and deliberation, we have decided to proceed with another candidate whose experience aligns more closely with the specific requirements of the role. While your qualifications and achievements are impressive, we believe that the other candidate possesses the necessary skills and experience that closely match our current needs."

Encouragement and Future Consideration

  1. Rejection emails should not leave candidates feeling discouraged or undervalued. Instead, foster a positive and supportive tone by expressing your confidence in their abilities and encouraging them to continue their job search. Highlight the candidate's strengths and reassure them that their skills and qualifications make them an attractive candidate for other opportunities.


"We want to emphasize that this decision does not diminish your qualifications or accomplishments. Your strong communication skills and analytical abilities are assets that will undoubtedly contribute to your professional success. We encourage you to continue pursuing your career goals and believe that you will find the perfect fit elsewhere."4.Conclusion: Closing the rejection email on a positive note, invite the candidate to stay connected with your organization and express their interest in considering them for future opportunities. Extend an invitation to request a call back if they have been unsuccessful in finding the right candidate with the skills to succeed. This gesture shows your commitment to maintaining a relationship with talented professionals and leaves the door open for potential future collaborations.

"Thank you once again for your time and effort throughout the interview process. We genuinely appreciate your interest in our company. If you have been unsuccessful in finding the right fit elsewhere or wish to explore future opportunities with us, please do not hesitate to reach out. We value your talent and would be glad to consider you for other roles that may arise in the future."

Crafting the best rejection email after an interview requires empathy, transparency, and professionalism. By personalizing the email, providing clear feedback, and encouraging future consideration, you can create a positive experience for candidates even in the face of rejection. Remember, building strong relationships within the professional community can yield valuable connections and potential hires in the future.

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