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Compliance Market Update

Posted on April 2022

Selby Jennings Compliance Market Update

Over the last decade, a number of factors have contributed to an increased demand for compliance professionals within financial services. As the space continues to mature and new technologies come to the forefront of finance, institutions are looking for talent with specialist experience in developing robust compliance programs and working with regulators. Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, there has been an undeniable need for compliance expertise, but the focus of hiring is often impacted by specific regulatory needs. Due to the current regulatory changes and the emphasis on data, technology, and privacy in financial services, we anticipate a continued demand for talented compliance staff in 2020.

This market update will break down some of following trends:

  • Buy-side compliance challenges and trends

  • Sell-side compliance challenges and trends

  • Placements from VP to MD & Compensation Report

The Compliance team at Selby Jennings is always happy to discuss what hiring trends and compensation information may be useful to clients and candidates in the market. If useful, our team can provide additional information and operate basic or more advanced services from a quick conversation to a complete market mapping effort. Click here to get in touch with the Selby Jennings team.

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