Audit Recruitment Market Update

Audit remains as one of the most competitive and sought after skillsets in the financial services industry. This is driven by the fact that firms understand the importance of a strong 3rd Line of Defense as a part of their internal controls and risk management framework. Audit teams are incredibly niche and specialized to specific verticals or product types, leading to narrow searches, and targeting candidates that have very specific skills and industry expertise.

Especially given the current climate, many candidates are risk-adverse in potential career moves. In order to secure the best audit talent, it is critical to understand current hiring processes and trends, what firms offer potential candidates, and motivations of professionals looking for a new role.

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  • This Market Update Covers:

  • The 2020 Market

  • • Attract Talent

  • Skills in Demand

  • Trends in Audit

  • Compensation Report

  • Impact of Covid-19

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Anthony McCann
Head of Risk Management