The Quantitative Edge

The global quant fund market size was valued at over US $16 trillion in 2023, with the USA holding a significant share. As this market is expected to reach US $31.4 trillion by 2031, the demand for quants professionals continues to grow each year, while talent shortages are at an all-time high.

To address these challenges, Selby Jennings has released The Quantitative Edge, a comprehensive report that provides organizations and professionals with a better understanding of the talent challenges, opportunities, and hiring strategies in the world of quants.

Discover in the report:

  • Global trends in the quants space impacting the hiring market

  • Salary guidance for the USA, Europe, and APAC

  • Top tips to secure quants talent

  • Key takeaways for hiring managers to consider when making their next hire

  • Key takeaways for professionals to reflect on when moving roles

  • Expert insights from Selby Jennings’ Director of Quants - New York, and Head of Quants - London

Whether you’re a hiring manager looking to attract and retain your team, or a quants professional considering your next career move, this report has plenty of relevant and crucial takeaways for you.

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