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Quant careers

Quant careers represent an exciting and vibrant part of the financial services industry and an area where Selby Jennings is able to provide expert support for talented individuals who are looking to move forward in their chosen profession. This is a sector of the financial services industry that is leading the way when it comes to trading and there is increasing demand for those who are able to work with mathematical models to price securities, generate profits and reduce risk. Selby Jennings has more than 15 years of experience working with quants teams and professionals, and the team have become true market expert. They connect candidates exciting quant careers, whether that’s identifying the best next step or making connections with organizations where talented individuals can grow.

Brilliant mathematical minds

Quant careers are at the forefront of the use of data in financial services and organizations within the sector recognize just how crucial retaining the right people can be when it comes to optimizing the opportunities that this offers. Selby Jennings is connected with firms across the financial services industry where supporting quant careers is a key priority. The firm’s consultants have in-depth knowledge about the way that careers can be forged and supports candidates in making career defining moves. Some of the opportunities that exist where quant careers are concerned include:

  • Analytics and research

  • Data science

  • Algorithmic/proprietary trading

  • Quantitative investment strategies

  • Desk quants and strats

From working within agile and dynamic startups to some of the best-established names in the financial services industry, quant careers can be varied and dynamic. The need for those who are capable of tackling complex and abstract mathematical domains under considerable pressure has never been greater, and the demand for committed and talented people continues to rise. This is particularly so as technology and innovation continue to drive the financial services industry onward to new heights, creating new challenges and need. Securing the right quant talent in a competitive market is a question that Selby Jennings has partnered with a wide range of companies to find answers to.

Putting people at the top of the agenda

Today, Selby Jennings has a team of market specialists who have a genuine understanding of quant careers, where these fit within financial services and the needs of those who are looking to follow this path. Empowering individuals to make positive career choices lies at the heart of collaboration with candidates, and Selby Jennings is focused on ensuring that individuals have the information that they need to make the right decisions. The firm puts people at the heart of the hiring process and, as a result, Selby Jennings is now one of the leading specialist recruiters for all of those looking to define rich and exciting quant careers in a range of global locations. Get in touch to take your next step.