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Investor relations recruiter

The banking and financial services sector is constantly evolving, and success depends on securing business-critical talent when fresh minds are most necessary. Selby Jennings is a specialist investor relations recruiter with a wealth of experience in this industry and an in-depth understanding of how to connect key talent to organizations. The firm has worked in banking and financial services recruitment for more than 15 years and has a well-established reputation as an investor relations recruiter able to bring extensive sector insight as well as a broad global reach.

Specialist investment management expertise

Working with a specialist investor relations recruiter provides firms within investment management with a significant advantage. Selby Jennings consultants are passionate about investment management work, have a deep understanding of the way this industry functions and receive regular training that focuses on extending this specialist expertise. The team works across a number of key areas in investment management and investor relations, including:

  • Portfolio management and investment research

  • Private equity and debt

  • Business development and marketing

  • Investor relations and client services

  • Wealth management

Securing business-critical investment management talent

Through permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions, Selby Jennings is able to support clients across the investment management sector in finding business-critical talent to support expansion and growth. The firm is an investor relations recruiter with an in-depth understanding of what firms within this sector need when it comes to the hiring process. As a result, Selby Jennings has changed the way that recruitment is handled so that it is better suited to the way that organizations within this industry work and provides the peace of mind of knowing that hiring is in expert hands.

Working with an investor relations recruiter

With more than 15 years of experience in providing exceptional hiring support to the banking and financial services sector as a whole - as well as on a specialist level to catering to investment management needs - Selby Jennings has a sound understanding of the hiring pressures within this industry. Working with a specialist investor relations recruiter like Selby Jennings can help to take some of these pressures off. Selby Jennings is a firm with a genuine international reach, with access to a global network of candidates, and consultants who work from offices in financial centres all over the world. This approach reflects the fact that the investment management sector is one that is truly global today and the reach and perspective of an investment relations recruiter needs to match this in every way.

For many firms within investment management, working with a specialist investor relations recruiter can be a transformative experience that yields a whole new level of results - get in touch to find out more.