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USA Bonus Season Breakdown 2024

Posted on April 2024

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In today's evolving financial services landscape, understanding bonus structures is crucial. Bonuses not only attract and retain top talent, but also serve as a benchmark for professionals' value.

Selby Jennings surveyed nearly 3,000 financial services professionals in the US finance and banking sector to uncover the factors driving bonus payouts and performance metrics shaping rewards.

Our comprehensive report explores the impact of bonus incentives on employee satisfaction, offering invaluable insights for professionals evaluating their market worth and businesses refining their compensation strategies. Explore some of our findings below.

Overall results:


of survey respondents received a bonus for their performance in the last year, which is a 9% drop compared to 85% the previous year.


of survey respondents said that a reduced bonus is a contributing factor towards looking for a new role.


of survey respondents received a bonus determined by three factors – team targets, individual targets, and company performance.

Specific sector results:


of Technology professionals did not receive a bonus.


of Sales & Trading professionals' expectations did not align with the bonus they had received.


of Investment Management professionals received a bonus based on 101-150%+ of their salary.

Explore the comprehensive report findings to navigate the financial services industry effectively. Whether you're planning your next career move or shaping your hiring strategy, our findings will guide you through this bonus season.

Download the full report here: