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The Best Cities for Commodities Jobs

Posted on February 2024

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Commodity traders, brokers, and investors buy and sell raw products, such as gas, metal, and agricultural products, based on the predicted or actual value of tangible goods. By conducting research, calculating risk, and analyzing financial markets, commodity traders can make a favorable decision on whether to buy or sell commodities based on current market needs.

Like shares, commodities are bought and sold on exchanges. Brokers work across a variety of firms, including investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management. Commodity investor and trader positions are available in every city, but not every opportunity is equal. 

Wages, benefits, working hours, and job openings are likely to be different in every city for commodity traders. To help you decide on the best place to live and work as a commodity investor we have identified which cities have the most amount of job vacancies.

Offering insights to commodity traders, investors, and brokers considering relocation opportunities, and hiring managers looking to attract top industry talent, here are some of the best cities to work as a commodity trader.

Cities with the Most Amount of Vacancies 

Whether you are looking for career opportunities or you are a business in need of top talent, it’s beneficial to know the cities with prominent national commodity markets and investment in banking infrastructure.  

The following cities have the greatest number of vacancies and opportunities for commodity brokers.

New York


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, New York overtook London as the city with the most amount of vacancies. New York is the financial hub of the world, as a key player in global financial markets due to two of the largest stock exchanges in the world: the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq.It is considered to be one of the best cities for a career in finance and the trading of commodities

With the highest 10% of commodity traders earning an average annual salary of $193,000, the outlook for commodities in New York suggests strong market growth likely to attract new entrants. 


Home to the largest and most diversified exchange in the Middle East, Dubai is an established commodity trading hub and a magnet for international commodity trader talent. Equipped with forward-thinking strategies and advanced infrastructure, Dubai is quickly growing in significance in futures trading. 

In 2023, Dubai’s economy recorded 3.3% growth in the first nine months, showcasing the city’s drive, resilience, and innovation. With an economic plan to boost trade and investments in 2024, Dubai boasts a favorable business climate attractive to traders worldwide. 

Hong Kong


The commodities market in Hong Kong plays to the investors' advantage as demand for commodity risk management increases to protect against hedge price swings from China. Agriculture, mining, oil, gas, and chemical supply chains are evolving, presenting an excellent opportunity for candidates with commodities trading experience.

With developing international trade and changing market demands, experienced commodity traders looking to relocate to Hong Kong have the potential to earn an average annual salary of HK$360,000 and benefit from thriving business environments. 


Houston presents a variety of commodities job opportunities for commodity traders due to an amplified energy transition and an enhanced focus on renewable energy sources. Talent with experience in renewable power and environmental commodity transactions in Houston are sure to benefit from the industry's exponential growth.

Independent commodities trading houses as well as big commodity trading firms maintain a significant presence in this city and present many future trading jobs for candidates. 



An attractive city for those who are seeking commodities jobs, Boston is a leading location with financial and commodities job availability. With trading firms dominating the financial landscape, this city is sure to catch the eye of traders, investors, and brokers. 

Domeyard LP, Akuna Capital, and Piper Jaffray are among the assortment of firms thatfavor business in this financial services hub, presenting ample commodity trading opportunities to the local area.


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