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​Good Interview Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

Posted on March 2023

Interview Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

When it comes to the job search process, interviewing is the most time-consuming step. It’s not only your chance to make a great impression but also the best opportunity to find out if the company is right for you and your career. Asking thoughtful questions is a great way to show your interest and enthusiasm for the position. Candidates often fail to prepare for their opportunity to ask these questions, which often leads to a swift completion of your interview.

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Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

As a leading Talent Partner in the banking and financial services space, Selby Jennings provides coaching and mentoring throughout the interview process. That's why we have put together some great interview questions to ask the hiring manager during your interview.

What is Most Important About This Position?

This question allows you to gain an understanding of the hiring manager’s expectations for the role. It also enables you to better understand the company culture and the priorities of the position.

What is The History of This Position?

Understanding the history of the position can help you to better understand the job requirements and company expectations. It will give you a chance to see if you can provide any additional processes/skills to benefit the team or company.

How Would You Measure My success?

It’s important to know how the hiring manager will measure your success in the role. Knowing this information can help you to assess your possible KPIs if you were successful. If your current role is similar, it would be good to talk about your current key performance indicators.

What are the Expectations About Managing Workflow?

Understanding the expectations around workflow management is important. It can help you to better prepare for the role and to ensure that you are able to effectively manage your workload.

How is the Feedback Process Structured?

Knowing how feedback is structured within the organization is important. This information can help you to understand the expectations of the role and to ensure that you are able to effectively meet the goals of the position.

What Opportunities Will I Have to Learn and Grow?

It’s important to gain an understanding of the opportunities for learning and growth in the organization. It can also help you to better understand the expectations of the role and to ensure that you are able to develop and grow in the position.

What Are The Next Steps in The Hiring Process?

The most frustrating part of the interview process is waiting. Asking about the next steps in the hiring process will allow you to understand the additional steps you might need to take to secure the position.

How Did You Get to Your Role?

This question will enable you to get an idea of what it takes to be successful and give you a sense of the organization's career progression structure and culture.

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