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International Women's Day 2021: An Interview with Meagan Vanderbeck

Posted on March 2021

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​This year's International Women's Day theme #ChooseToChallenge represents the idea of challenging norms related to gender equality to create change. At Selby Jennings, we choose to challenge and promote gender diversity and inclusion.

Meagan Vanderbeck, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Private Equity, shares her thoughts on this year's theme, and how she chooses to challenge in her role.

What does the #ChooseToChallenge message mean to you?

Still in 2021, there are so many professional and social norms regarding an overall lack of gender diversity, and many simply keep quiet about it. #ChooseToChallenge is the conscious effort to raise awareness and challenge these social norms in the workplace as well as everyday life.

What sort of conversations around gender equality do you have with your clients in your role? Has Covid-19 had an impact on gender equality?

I love hearing both candidate and client perspectives on gender equality in the workplace. It is interesting to hear about what challenges other women have experienced and how we can overcome these in the future. Since the pandemic has hit, I have had more clients request female candidates for their roles, but there is still so much work to be done to achieve equality in the workplace.

What role can recruiters play in challenging norms and creating change?

As recruiters for Selby Jennings, we are also consultants. We have no issue consulting our clients on how to differentiate their firm from others, whether it's about compensation trends in the market or diversity strategies. It is also our duty to educate and consult our clients on the importance of diversity in the workplace and how they can go about achieving it.

What advice would you give to a company trying to create a diverse hiring strategy?

Diversity in the workplace gives leaders the chance to overcome new challenges and relate to multiple types of people. Solving problems becomes a lot easier when you have many types of perspectives that aren't exactly like yours.

As a female leader, what advice would you give to other aspiring leaders in overcoming potential gender biases and achieving career success?

Never be afraid to stand firm in being authentically you. In a new role, it is so easy to fall into the cultural mold of how you think your managers want you to act. We cannot build a strong, diverse group that includes female leaders if we are continuously molding ourselves to act like the senior men in the office. There is strength in diversity.

About Meagan Vanderbeck

Meagan started her career in Marketing before transitioning into Recruiting. She and her fiancé decided to make the move to Texas from Florida in March of 2019, where she joined Selby Jennings as a specialist recruiter in the private equity market. Meagan loves traveling, animals, singing at her church, and exploring new restaurants!

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