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Selby Jennings Named Best Executive Search - Quant at HFM US Quant Awards

Posted on February 2021

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The Selby Jennings team is humbled to receive the prestigious HFM US Quants Awards 2021 in the category "Best Executive Search – Quants" for the second consecutive year. This category highlights top-performing executive search firms, such as ourselves, who have shown remarkable success in quantitative analyst recruitment and product development. Our commitment to securing elite quantitative talent for hedge funds over the previous 12 months, particularly during a challenging global situation, is one we're immensely proud to be recognized for.

The past year posed unique hurdles as we, alongside our clients, navigated rapid changes in the markets and the global landscape. Our ability to consistently deliver exceptional quants talent and assist our clients in overcoming adversity and shaping the future of their organizations is a testament to our position as a leading quantitative analyst search firm.

Ben Hodzic, Executive Director at Selby Jennings, reflects, "We are thrilled to receive the Best Executive Search – Quant award this year. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our clients for their unwavering trust and partnership. Each organization has faced its unique hiring challenges throughout 2020. We're honored to be recognized as a standout executive headhunting agency for quants amidst such intense competition. Our relentless dedication to our clients and the exceptional consultants within the Selby Jennings Quant team have enabled us to help numerous businesses conquer the critical task of sourcing and hiring the best quant talent."

Selby Jennings had the honor of receiving this award at the virtual HFM Quant Summit 2021. The event united leading managers, academics, and investors for a day of engaging discussions and insights into emerging industry trends.

Our approach to Quant Executive Search

Our approach to executive search is rooted in our core values of commitment, collaboration, and innovation. At Selby Jennings, we believe that our success is built on the strong relationships we forge with our clients. We are committed to understanding your needs, your company culture, and your goals. This allows us to provide not just candidates, but the right candidates – those who can truly drive your organization forward.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to setting the benchmark for executive search in the quant sector. We continually strive to improve our services and maintain our position as one of the leading quantitative analyst search firms. Our team is passionate about developing deep industry knowledge, staying ahead of market trends, and, above all, delivering the very best quant talent to our clients.

To learn more about our best-in-class recruitment services in the Quants sector, or to understand how we can assist you in overcoming your organization's unique hiring challenges, please get in touch with the Selby Jennings team today or complete the form below to request a callback. Our dedicated team is ready to help you shape your future with the best talent in the world of quantitative finance.