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The Holiday Hiring Freeze: Fact or Fiction?

Posted on December 2019

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​Oh, December – it’s a time for jubilation and not applications, so the conventional wisdom goes. Employers are not in the business of hiring. Instead, it’s the season when faithful friends gather to share an unreasonable amount of mince pies and where work seems a million miles away. Everyone has heard of the holiday hiring freeze, but is this just another seasonal myth? Is it better to wait until the New Year to start a job search or get ahead of the competition in December?

Over the last 15 years at Selby Jennings, we’ve found that the ‘holiday hiring freeze’ could not be further from the truth. The end of the year is often capped by a flurry of last-minute interviews and job offers from clients, as employers want to get their house in order to make a flying start in the new year. In this guide, we explore the top 5 reasons why December is the perfect time to search for a new job, including a data-dive into:

  • Search volume for jobs during December over the last ten years

  • Annual quit rates between 2009 and 2018

  • Quit rate comparison between December and January