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The Signs of Burnout at Work and What to Do About It

Posted on November 2019

Stressed woman holder her head with her elbows resting on her desk

As the financial sector evolves with fintech and the market continues to speed up, workers can face high levels of pressure. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by your work environment, you are not alone. The American Institute of Stress reports that worker stress costs the American economy $300 billion annually in both long and short-term sick time and high job turnover.

This has led to a phenomenon known as burnout, which has now been classified as an occupational illness by the World Health Organization. Burnout is a physical and emotional reaction to a large amount of workplace stress.

This article looks at the factors which create burnout, how to spot it through symptoms and workplace behaviors and what to do when facing periods of burnout; including long-term stress management techniques.