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Selby Jennings Named Best Hedge Fund Recruitment Firm

Posted on September 2019

Selby jennings employees holding award

Recently, we were honored to receive the prestigious Best Hedge Fund Recruitment Firm award at the HFM US Services Awards 2019 in New York City. This recognition highlights our exceptional service and commitment to assisting hedge fund clients in securing top talent over the past year.

We take pride in not only providing outstanding support in hiring, but also in our ability to address the industry's most pressing challenges and trends through innovative solutions. A your top head fund recruiter, Selby Jennings delivers niche talent with expert knowledge, precision, and efficiency in the hedge fund industry.

Kareem Bakr, Director of Selby Jennings, expresses his gratitude, stating, "We are truly honored to be acknowledged as the Best Hedge Fund Recruitment Firm by HFM. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our clients and candidates for their continued partnership. This award signifies a significant milestone in our growth journey throughout the U.S., demonstrating our unwavering dedication to providing high-caliber service."

After being shortlisted for this award in previous years, we are ecstatic to have secured the top spot this time around. This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to securing the best talent for our clients. We are excited to continue building strong partnerships with industry-leading clients like you.

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