12. Top CV Tips

Create a strong CV/Resume that is short and snappy. Employers typically spend less than 30 seconds looking over your application, you’ll want to grab their attention from the get-go.   

When it comes to CVs, one size does not fit all. Employers want to see how your skills and experience match the specific role they've advertised. Tailoring your CV to the job will set you apart.   

  1. Pick out key phrases  from the job description to include in your own CV.  

  2. Have your main points highlighted, but don't put too much detail as that's what the interview is for!  

  3. Ensure the recruiter can see the key requirements of the role in your CV.  

Advice from Selby Jennings:

While employers use 30 seconds to look on your application, recruiters only use  6 seconds to check your CV. Make sure your put in relevant info only on your CV, so recruiters will not miss your profile.  

If this is something you’d like help with, you can partner with a specialist recruiter. At Selby Jennings, we ensure that your CV is tailored to grab the attention of the company you desire to work for. Learn more about the benefits of working with a specialist recruiter here. 

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