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Financial services recruitment agencies

Selby Jennings designs and delivers hiring solutions that bring the brightest talent within reach of organizations across the financial services sector looking to define a resilient future. The firm is one of few financial services recruitment agencies with genuine sector expertise across key areas of financial services, as well as a truly international reach that is delivered via several global hubs. Selby Jennings has been one of the go to financial services recruitment agencies for more than 15 years and supports clients at all levels. As part of the Phaidon International group, the firm works with several world-leading companies in meeting their existing and future talent requirements.

Broad sector coverage

Banking and financial services is an industry with a great deal of depth and there are few financial services recruitment agencies with the expertise and resources to be able to deliver across a wide range of coverage. Selby Jennings is one of these financial services recruitment agencies - the firm’s coverage extends across these key areas:

  • Quantitative Research & Trading - including data science, quantitative investment strategies, analytics and research and algorithmic/ proprietary trading.

  • Risk Management - from audits to credit risk and credit fraud, market and investment risk and risk modelling/model validation.

  • Sales and Trading - fixed income, foreign exchange, equity and commodities.

  • Financial Technology - including web and mobile design, data science, AI and machine learning, as well as fintech sales and marketing, software development and engineering.

  • Investment Management - from business development and marketing to investor relations and client services, wealth management and portfolio management and investment research.

  • Corporate and Investment Banking - including mergers and acquisitions and structured and project finance, as well as relationship management.

  • Insurance and Actuarial Services - actuarial, underwriting, product management, data science, catastrophe risk.

  • Legal and Compliance - including advisory compliance and employment.

The team at Selby Jennings has extensive experience across these areas - this, combined with the firm’s investment in ongoing consultant training, ensures that the team remains at the top of the pile of financial services recruitment agencies when it comes to both experience and outcomes. Given the pressure on businesses within the banking and financial services sector today to find and hire the best people, Selby Jennings aims to provide essential support that makes this both easier and more effective, delivering the best possible results.

Agile international recruitment

In addition to being part of a global network, Selby Jennings consultants have exceptional knowledge when it comes to local and specialist markets - the kind of insight that makes hiring a more effective process. The team is supported by investments made in best-in-class technology that ensures the firm is always one step ahead when it comes to service delivery. This combination of cutting-edge technology and high quality, specialist expertise is one of the reasons Selby Jennings is adept and agile when it comes to meeting client needs, and is able to respond to individual requirements. It’s also why the firm remains among the leading financial services recruitment agencies in the world. To find out more about specialist areas that the firm covers, contact the Selby Jennings team today.